Who we are?

we are a small but very seriously minded freelancers, united in Vmax studio with an emphasis in eCommerce, SaaS and Inbound marketing. Most of the time we are getting things done using our 7+ years of industry experience, planning skills and a wide technology stack including WordPress dev, HTML5/CSS3, Js/jQuery, Responsive design and others. For each job we try to pick most up-to-date technology or their combination to perfectly match task requirements and deliver bespoke solutions that do work and make your business grow! We prefer to start small and scale big with every project to provide comprehensive, cost-effective and transparent solution as possible. Apart from the ability to code from scratch we also do WordPress development, Node.js and PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, Yii). There are a lot of really interesting things we did or are involved right now but we are always interested in nut-crackling-interesting projects, so feel free to reach me out by email: eugene@vmax.eu or Skype: e_kondr and looking forward to our cooperation!

CMS development

Developing a website on CMS is faster and a lot cheaper that allows to start your business online rocket-fast but is not as flexible as custom solutions.

Custom coding

Custom coding takes a lot of time and planning but allows to build a truly bespoke websites, apps and platforms finely tuned for your business needs.

SEO optimization

Onsite/Ofsite SEO greatly increases your business visibility and grants a steady flow of highly targeted visitors if done wisely

SEO analysis

Competitor SEO strategy reverse engineering, analysis, deep data mining and much more.. All of these are needed to ensure that you know of their next and every step.